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Technology and process driven, Massfin company goal is to become #1 choice for your mass finishing needs. We partner with mass finishing industry leaders such as Gostol-TST shot blasting machines, Kromas vibratory and high energy disc machines, Walther Trowal drag finishing machines, United centrifugal barrel systems, Eco washers, Ice Tech dry ice blasting and Canablast sand blasting and pneumatic shot peening machines.

Directly from our stock, we supply top quality media and compounds for vibratory, centrifugal, tumbling and drag finishing machine process as well metal working fluids and specialty chemicals.

Our partnerships allow us to offer complete solutions to the automotive, aerospace, fabrication and consumer product industries. Our new test lab and vibratory finishing equipment in a variety of sizes, allows us to simulate actual production conditions and develop optimal solutions for our customers’ surface finishing requirements as deburring, radiusing, polishing, grinding, paint and coating preparation…..

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